How to activate SAP API Management service in HANA Cloud Platform


Hello everyone, in this blog we will show to activate SAP API Management service in HANA Cloud Platform. Lets get started

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Log On to SAP HANA trial instance by accessing this link you have not registered, please click here to get your FREE HANA Cloud Platform trail instance.

2. Once you logged into the SAP HCP Cockpit, choose Services from the left side menu options.

SAP HCP Cockpit

3. Identify the SAP API Management service under Integration section and click on it.

SAP API Management Service4. Click on the SAP API Management tile to activate the service.


5. You will be navigate to the below screen.Hit Enable button to activate the service.

SAP API Management Dashboard

6. Upon successful activation, you should see below screen which shows the service got successfully activated.

Activate SAP API Management

Congrats, you have successfully enabled the SAP API Management service in HANA Cloud Platform. In our next blog we will see how we can integrate backend ERP systems and get the data through SAP API Management. Please stay tuned to us for more SAP HANA Cloud Platform tutorials.


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