How to install Cloud Foundry CLI ✔️


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn how to install Cloud Foundry CLI (Command Line Interface).

Why Cloud Foundry CLI?

Cloud Foundry CLI is the official command line client for Cloud Foundry. It is used to interact with SAP Cloud Foundry through a terminal from your local machine.


You need have SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry account, get you FREE trial account here

Download and Install

Download the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) from the Cloud Foundry web site. Use the following URL:

1. Choose the installer based on the OS. I am using windows machine so i have chosen windows installer.

2. A zip file will gets downloaded, extract the zip file and execute the cf_installer.exe file.

3. It will start the installation wizard follow the steps like below

4. Now we have successfully installed the Cloud foundry CLI. Lets test/confirm the installation.

5. Open the command line interface or terminal on your local machine. Type “cf”


6. You should see all available commands, if so then the installation is successfully.

Congrats!! you have successfully installed Cloud foundry CLI. Stay tuned for next blog post to develop applications on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry using CLI.

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