How to install OData Modeler in SAPUI5



Hello everyone, in this tutorial we will know how to install SAP OData Modeler in eclipse IDE.OData Modeler is graphical editor used for designing OData services.Let us begin the installation steps.

1. Open the eclipse IDE, Go to Help → Install Software.

Install Software2. In the installation window enter the URL as “” in the Work with field if you using the kelper version. If you are using Juno version, replace kelper with juno in the URL.After entering the URL, all list of available software will be displayed below. From the list of software expand SAP Mobile Platform Tools → select OData Modeler.

Available Software3. Click on Next to proceed with installation of OData Modeler. In the next window make sure that you have selected OData modeler and click on Next.

Installation Details4. Review and accept the license by selecting the radio button “I accept” . Click on Finish to start the installation.

Review Licenses5. Installation will begin. After installation, click on Yes to restart the Eclipse to take effect the changes.


6. To verify the installation, Click on Help in the menu bar and choose About eclipse.

About Eclipse7. Click on Installation Details. In the installation software tab, you should be able to see the OData Modeler.

Verify Installation


We are done with installation of OData Modeler. In our next tutorial, we will model and create OData services using OData Modeler and how to use these OData services in SAPUI5/SAP Fiori application development.

Stay tuned to us for more tutorials.. 🙂 Thank you.

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