How to setup ABAP Environment in SAP Cloud Platform


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post you will learn how to get access to ABAP Environment in SAP Cloud Platform.

Yes, you heard it right take your ABAP skills to cloud. ABAP IN NOT DEAD!!!!

Lets get started.

1. Logon to SAP Cloud Platform Trial Cockpit and hit Enter Your Trail Account.

2. Cloud foundry trail instance got created successful.

Configure SAP Cloud Platform Entitlements(optional)

3. Choose Entitlements -> Subaccount Assignments

4. Choose trial as subaccounts and hit Go.

5. Select Configure Entitlements

6. Click Add Service Plans.

7. Select ABAP Trial, tick shared and click Add 1 Service Plan. (I have already added)

8. Click Save.

9. Go back to account home page and click on trial subaccount.

10. Now you will be navigated to subaccount trial overview page.

11. Choose Spaces and select dev space.

12. Choose Services -> Service Marketplace and select ABAP Trial tile.

Create ABAP Trial Instance

13. Select Instances and click on New Instance button.

14. On Create Instance pop-up window, choose Plan as shared and click on Next.

15. Provide email address and click on Next. Your e-mail address should match with your Cloud Foundry Trial e-mail address.

16. Click on Next.

17. Enter Instance Name and click on Finish.

18. Congrats!! you have successfully created ABAP Trial instance in SAP Cloud Platform.

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