Configure Cloud Connector from Cloud Foundry to on-premise


Dear SAPLearners, the goal of this post is to configure Cloud Connector from Cloud Foundry to on-premise

✋ Prerequisites

Before you start, make sure you have

  • Created a Cloud Foundry trial account on SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud Connector is installed and initial setup is complete.

📚 Step-by-Step Procedure

➡️ SAP Cloud Connector Configurations

1. Firstly, login to SAP Cloud Connector http://localhost:8443.

2. Choose Connector and click on Add Subaccount button.

3. On Add Subaccount window, add following details

RegionYour Subaccount API Endpoint region
SubaccountSubaccount ID
Display NameDescription of your choice
Login E-MailSCP Cloud Foundry login email
PasswordSCP Cloud Foundry login password

4. Click on Save and after couple of seconds you will see the connection is successful to Cloud Foundry subaccount.

5. After that, navigate to Cloud To On-Premise section and click on + icon to add on-premise ABAP system mapping details.

Follow the steps as shown below

6. Back-end Type as ABAP System.

7. Protocol as HTTP.

8. Provide your on-premise ABAP system host and port details as Internal Host and Internal Port.

9. The wizard will copy the previous Internal Host and Internal Port to virtual Host and Virtual Port, you can change the virtual name or continue with the same. But it is recommended to change.

10. Principal Type as None.

11. Host in Request Header as Use Virtual Host.

12. Enter Description of your choice.

13. Finally click Finish to complete the on-premise system mapping in Cloud Connector.

14. Once system is added, check if the system is reachable by clicking on Check availability button on Actions.

15. Most importantly is to add the resources, Click on + icon.

16. SAP Cloud Connector configurations are completed now. 👏

➡️ New Destination in SCP Cloud Foundry

17. Now log-in to SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry trial environment.

18. Navigate to Subaccount, choose Destination and then click on New Destination.

19. Provide destination configuration details like below

NameDestination name
URLVirtual Host and Virtual Port
Proxy TypeOnPremise
UserOn-premise ABAP system user name
PasswordOn-premise ABAP system password
Addition Properties
HTML5.DynamicDestination (you will not find in drop-down, but you areallowed to enter )true
HTML5.Timeout (you will not find in drop-down, but you are allowed to enter )60000
sap-clientOn-premise ABAP system client
WebIDEUsageodata_abap, dev_abap

20. At the end, click on Check Connection to test the destination, if you see below error.

Failure reason: “Could not check at the moment. Please try again later” . Your destination will still works. Its a known issue with Trail account.

You can actually test the destination by creating an application in SAP Business Application Studio.


Congrats!! you have learnt the steps to configure Cloud Connector from Cloud Foundry to on-premise.


Failure reason: “Could not check at the moment. Please try again later”

This destination error in Cloud Foundry trial environment is a know issues, you can skip this error and go head with development.

No Cloud Connector option in SCP Cloud Foundry Trial like in NEO.

Feature Set B cloud accounts does not offer Cloud Connector view yet. But connectivity will still work fine.

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