How to connect SAP HANA Cloud from DBeaver


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post you will learn the steps to connect SAP HANA Cloud from DBeaver, a free and open-source universal database tool to manage SAP HANA cloud database.


Step-by-Step Procedure

Please follow below steps to connect SAP HANA Cloud database to manage database artifacts in DBeaver.

  1. SAP HANA JDBC Driver.

    Download the SAP HANA JDBC driver ngdbc.jar from here.

  2. Extract and execute the jar file

    After downloading jar file, extract and execute the jar file which will install/set the SAP HANA JDBC drivers onto your local machine.

  3. New Database Connection

    Launch DBeaver application, click on New Database Connection and select the SAP HANA database driver. Click Next.

  4. Connection Settings

    Under General section enter SAP HANA Cloud Host and Port details. Provide authentication details with which you want to connect to SAP HANA database and click Ok.

  5. Successfully connected.

Now that we have successfully established connection between DBeaver and SAP HANA Cloud database. Lets create a table from DBeaver tool.

Create a Table in SAP HANA Cloud

1. Right-click on the schema in which table is to be created and select Create New Table.

2. Enter Table Name and right-click on the Columns section. Choose Create New Column to create a column in the table.

3. Add column details like Name, Data Type, Length etc. in the pop-up window.

4. Repeat the steps 3 & 4 to add all columns to the table.

5. Go to Unique Keys section. Right-click and choose Create New Unique Key. Select the columns which should be marked as Primary Key. Similarly you add all other keys to the table.

6. Finally, click on Save and then Persist to create the table in SAP HANA Cloud.

7. Navigate back to SAP HANA Cloud to verify the table creation and you can see the table is successfully created in SAP HANA Cloud.


Congrats!! you have successfully learned the steps to connect SAP HANA Cloud from DBeaver and also create a new table in SAP HANA Cloud from DBeaver tool. This is just an introductory blog post and we will be writing more tutorials on DBeaver and SAP HANA Cloud.

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