How to install Android Studio on Windows 8


Dear Learners, in this blog we will show you how to install android Studio on windows 8 64 bit machine. Lets get started.

Step-by-Step Installation Procedure

1. Download the Android Studio from here

Android Studio_1Android Studio_2

2. Once the download is finished , double click on downloaded .exe file to start the installation.

3. Click on Next on the welcome screen.

Adroid Studio Installation Step-14. Select all components and click on Next.

Adroid Studio Installation Step-2

5. Accept the license agreement by clicking on I Agree button.

Adroid Studio Installation Step-36. Verify the installation locations and click on Next.

Adroid Studio Installation Step-47. Choose start menu folder or leave it for default and click on Install to start the installation.

Android Studio Installation Step-58. Installation will begin and it may take couple of minutes to complete the installation. After successful installation you should see the screen like below. Click on Next to complete the installation process.

Android Studio Installation Step-69. Launch the Android Studio, while launching you may see some additional components are getting installed wait for the the components to get downloaded. After that you can see the welcome screen like below.

Android Studio Installation Step-710. If you need any other packages to be installed, click on Configure which is on the welcome screen

Adroid Studio Installation Step-811. In the next screen click on SDK Manager to launch the SDK manager in which you can download additional packages.

Android Studio Installation Step-9

Congrats, you have successfully installed the Android Studio.

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