How to install Java Development Kit(JDK) 8 on windows 8


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog you will learn how to install Java Development Kit 8 on windows 8 64bit machine. Lets get started.

Step-by-Step Installation Procedure

1. Download JDK 8 or higher version software from the oracle downloads website. Click here to go the oracle download site directly. Choose your operating system and click on download link

JDK Installation Step-12. Once the download completed double click on the .exe file to start the installation.

3. Click on Next on welcome installation wizard.

JDK Installation Step-24. Click on Next.

JDK Installation Step-35. Extractor will start extract the necessary files for the installation.

JDK Installation Step-4 6. Choose the destination folder in which you want to install the JDK or leave it to default.Click on Next.

JDK Installation Step-57. JDK Installation process will start and you can see that in the progress window.

JDK Installation Step-68. After successful installation you should see the success window like below

JDK Installation Step-79. To test the JDK installation, open your windows command prompt and type “java -version” you should the version details like below

JDK Installation Step-810. Next step is to set the java environment variable “JAVA_HOME”, click here to know the step by step procedure.

Congrats you have successfully installed Java Development Kit on your local machine.

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