How to setup Mobile Development Kit in SAP Web IDE


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn to setup Mobile Development Kit in SAP Web IDE.

Mobile Development Kit Setup

MDK is a low-code cross-platform and metadata based application development tool which allows to customize, deploy and manage native mobile apps in the cloud. It delivers native user experience.

  1. Launch SAP Web IDE Full Stack in SAP Cloud Platform

  2. On Welcome screen, navigate to Preferences

    You can also navigate to Preference section from top menu, choose Tools > Preferences

  3. Connect SAP Web IDE to Cloud Foundry account

    Configure the default settings to develop and deploy Cloud Foundry applications. Choose API Endpoint and provide cloud foundry credentials to complete the settings.

  4. Enable SAP Mobile Services App Development Tools extension

    To create and develop end-to-end mobile applications in SAP Web IDE Full Stack, we need to enable the Mobile Services App Development Tools extension.

    Navigate to Extensions and search for mobile and then select the switch button next to Mobile Services App Development Tools as ON. Choose Save

  5. Refresh SAP Web IDE

    The changes to take effect we need to refresh SAP Web IDE. Click on Refresh.

  6. Mobile Development Kit Workspace

    After you refresh the SAP Web IDE you will be able to see an additional icon like below. Click on it to open the Mobile Development Kit workspace.

  7. MDK Project Templates

    Finally, we are ready to create our first MDK project in SAP Web IDE. Before starting the development, lets see the different project templates in SAP Web IDE.

    We have 5 MDK project templates to choose for a MDK project.
    1. MDK Empty Project
    2. MDK Base Project
    3. MDK List-Detail Project
    4. MDK CRUD Project
    5. MDK Transaction Bridge Project

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Congrats!! you have successfully setup Mobile Development Kit in SAP Web IDE Full Stack. In next tutorials we will build native mobile applications using MDK (Mobile Development Kit).

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