How to setup notifications in SAP Fiori 2.0 [Part2]


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post you will learn how to setup notifications in SAP Fiori 2.0

This is 2 part blog series, in the first part we have performed the necessary configuration steps in front-end system.

In this blog post we will perform the configuration steps in backend-system(S/4 HANA) or a Notification Provider system.

Please find the link to first part here.

Lets get started

Below is the list of steps required in backend system to configure notifications.

  • Provide Backend System Alias
  • Provide RFC destination to frontend system(gateway)
  • Create bgRFC destination IWNGW_BGRFC
  • Register bgRFC Inbound destination IWNGW_BEP_OUT_BGRFC
  • Register Notification Providers
  • Activate Notification Providers

Now lets deep dive into each of these configuration step

Provide Backend System Alias

1. Logon to your backend system. After login, run transaction code /IWNGW/BEP_SET_ALIAS

2. Enter the system alias which points to the backend system and click on execute. The system alias is created in Hub system. If you are in Embedded deployment scenario, enter “LOCAL”. After entering hit execute.

After executing, you should see the screen like below

Provide RFC destination to frontend system

3. Run transaction /IWNGW/BEP_SET_HUB_D.

4. Enter system alias that points to frontend system. If you are in Embedded deployment scenario , enter “NONE”. After entering, hit execute

5. After executing, you should see a screen like below

Create bgRFC destination IWNGW_BGRFC

6. Run transaction SM59. Create a RFC connection of type 3 and provide the details like below.

Please note that RFC destination name should be “IWNGW_BGRFC”

7. Hit Connect Test button to check the RFC connection. You should see a screen like below

Register bgRFC Inbound destination

8. Run transaction SBGRFCCONF. Choose tab Define Inbound Dest and Click Create button

9. Enter Inb. Dest. Name. Create a new prefix with value QN and click Save button

After successful definition, click Save to the save the details.

Register Notification Providers

10. Start transaction /IWNGW/BEP_NPREG and click Create button

11. Enter following details and click on save button

Manage Notification Provider

12. Launch transaction SPRO and navigate to the below path

13. Create a new entry like below by clicking on New Entries and save it

Congrats!! we have successfully configure the steps required in backend system.

Finally we have completed all the configuration steps required to configure the notification in SAP Fiori 2.0. In our next blog post we will start testing the configurations.

Here are the links for both configuration steps both in front-end and back-end systems.

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