Mass change Package name in ABAP


In this tutorial, we will learn how to change the package name of the ABAP Objects in mass.

This is quiet generic issue where ABAP’ers will face. Lets learn how to change package name in mass.

1. Go to transaction SE03 – Transport Organizer Tools. Click on “Change Object Directory Entries” and hit Execute button.


 2. Provide the objects names for which you want to change the package name. Here i have selected all the tables with the name starts with ZTEST* and the hit Execute button.


3.  Select the Package name node to which you want to change and hit Select/Deselect button on the top or simple press F6. Now you can see the all the selected objects will be yellow color.


4. Next enter MASS keyword in the command bar, then you can see a popup appears. In the popup enter the new package name you want to change and hit OK button on popup.


5. Now you can see that all objects you have selected will come under the new package name.


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This completes the tutorial. Happy ABAP coding.. 🙂 we will come up with new tutorials in SAP.

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