SAP Business Application Studio Installation Steps


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn on how to get access new IDE SAP Business Application Studio,the next generation of SAP Web IDE in SAP Cloud Platform.

What is SAP Business Application Studio?

SAP Business Application Studio is new IDE which offers modular development environment for various business applications. It provides pre-configured environments where you can develop, build, test and run using pre-installed runtimes and tools tailored for S/4 HANA extensions, full stack business applications, Fiori applications and more.

It supports quick integration with SAP solutions and services to allow building smarter and more intelligent applications.

It is available in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment as SaaS application.

Below is the step-by-step process to get access to the SAP Business Application Studio.

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Logon to SAP Cloud Platform.

2. Go to Cloud Foundry environment and create new sub-account under Europe (Frankfurt), if you don’t have already created.

3. Navigate to sub-account and choose subscriptions.Search for SAP Business Application Studio SaaS application.

4. Click on SAP Business Application Studio tile and hit Subscribe button.

5. After successful subscription, click on Go to Application.

6. Provide your SAP Cloud Platform login credentials and hit Log On.

7. Oops!!! Access Denied to SAP Business Application Studio.

It seems we are missing authorizations to access the SAP Business Application Studio. Lets go back to the sub-account and add the missing authorizations.

8. Under sub-account, navigate to Security –> Trust Configuration. Click on SAP ID Service link.

9. Enter email address and hit Show Assignments.

10. List of all role collection assigned to you are displayed. Hit Assign Role Collection and assign all role collections required to access SAP Business Application Studio.

11. Add below roles collections to the sub-account.

  • Business_Application_Studio_Administrator
  • Business_Application_Studio_Developer
  • Business_Application_Studio_Extension_Deployer

12. Lets go back to the sub-account Subscriptions and access the SAP Business Application Studio application again.

13. Hurray!!! you have successfully logged in to SAP Business Application Studio. Hit Create Dev Space to create a development space to view the the next generation of

14. Provide dev space name and hit Create Dev Space.

15. After successful creation of new dev space, click on the dev space name.

16. Finally, you have successfully got access to the SAP Business Application Studio.

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