SAP HANA Native Application development in SAP Business Application Studio


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn about SAP HANA Native Application development in SAP Business Application Studio.

☹️ NEO Environment

Previously in SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment we have SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench tool for SAP HANA Native development. On 13 November 2020 SAP has decided to discontinue NEO Environment starting with Trail accounts, still production accounts are supported by SAP.

SAP has moved the focus of the SAP Cloud Platform to a multi-cloud foundation environment, Cloud Foundry. With that a new tool SAP Business Application Studio is introduced for all developments except native HANA.

😇 Support of SAP HANA Native development

On 22 December 2020, SAP Business Application Studio team announced the support of SAP HANA development by creating a new Dev Space type SAP HANA Native Application.

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The SAP HANA Native Application Dev Space contains different set of editors to support the creation of database artifacts and the tools to enable an end-to-end development flow from project creation to the deployment to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Note: As of the deployment of SAP HANA database artifacts is only SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA Service in SAP Cloud Platform, it does not support on-premise SAP HANA deployment.

The following are the predefined extensions to create SAP HANA database artifacts like schemas, table, calculations views SQLScript procedures, and many more.

SAP HANA Calculation View Editor

This predefined extensions allows to manage mainly SAP HANA calculation views. The extension includes the SAP HANA calculation view editor, the synonym editor, and the analytical privilege editor.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

By using SAP HANA Database Explorer extension you can access SAP HANA run-time objects.


This extension allows you to develop native SAP HANA applications using tools such as enhanced graphical and text-based editors, project generators, and other productivity tools.

Lets quickly see what’s waiting for us in SAP Business Application Studio.

🥳 Create SAP HANA Dev Space

With a click of button you can create a SAP HANA Native Dev Space.

😍 Create SAP HANA Database Project

  1. Click on Create project from template to create and SAP HANA Database Project.

  2. Select SAP HANA Database project template

  3. Enter Project name and click Next

  4. Click on Next and leave all values to default.

  5. Choose SAP HANA Database Version and click on Next.

  6. We have successfully created SAP HANA Database project.

😎 Conclusion

Congrats!! you have successfully learnt about SAP HANA Native development in SAP Business Application Studio. This is just an introductory blog post and we will be writing more tutorials on SAP HANA Native Application development using SAP Business Application Studio. Stay tuned for more.

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