TOP 15 SAP Workflow Interview Questions


SAP Workflow Interview Questions

1.What is the tcode to define/create and modify workflow ?

2.When does a workflow starts in the system ?
Workflow is generally triggered by events.

3.How does users interact with workflows ?
Users interact with workflow system through work items which are accessible by using SAP Inbox(SBWP).

4.What are different ways of defining possible agents of a task ?
Job, Positions, Rule and direct SAP User ID.

5.What is the tcode to transport task attributes to different systems ?
Transaction Code: RE_RHMOVE30 and Program Name: RHMOVE30

6.What are different types of Workflow containers and how many are they ?
There are 5 containers in workflow.
Workflow container(global),
Task container
Rule container
Event container
Method container.

For more details types of containers in sap workflow.

7.Will you maintain workflow number ranges in Quality and Production system ?
No. Number ranges are defined only in development system because we create workflows only in development system.

8.What is the tcode to check error workflows/workitems ?


9. What is the tcode to restart the error workflows/workitems ?

10. I have a Task,i need to know in which workflows these task is used,how do i know it ?
By using the tcode SWI11(Where-Used List of Task) you can identify it.

11. My workflow is not getting triggered, What are the possible cases of it ?
No Start Events for the workflow.
Start Condition of the Start Event is not satisfied.

12. What is the tcode to test the workflows ?

13. In Send Mail step i want to insert dynamic data, can i ?
Yes, you can include dynamic data in the email subject and body by using the container elements. A button called “Insert Expression” is available to insert the container elements.

14. What is the tcode to create custom Business Object ?

15.Which step you will choose to check multiple conditions at 1 time?
Multiple Condition Step

16. How can i store multiple records in a container element in sap workflow ?
If you make any container element as “Multiline” you can store multiple records.To know more about different types of containers

17.If i want to use a container element in multiple steps in the workflow, where should i declare the element ?
In Workflow Container

18.I have two task which are available for user execution as workitems.I want to show the second workitem immediately after executing the first one for the same user. What should i do ?
Check the “Advance with dialog” in the first task. For more details click here

19. I need send emails to some users when workflow in completed, but i don’t want use email step in the workflow. Can i achieve this ?
Yes, In workflow header we have a tab called “Notification“. Provide the receipts and email text here, once the workflow is completed all the user will get emails. Try it yourself.

 20. What is the tcode for Workflow Customization ?

21. What is the tcode for event linkages ?